5 reasons to visit Minoh Waterfall you won’t regret!

Minoh waterfall can be found in Minoh Park (also spelled Mino, Minoo, Minō Kōen and 箕面公園), which is on the fringe of Osaka city. The park is one huge forested valley that is the home of the 33m tall natural attraction that cascades over the cliff-face to a large pool below. The one main hiking trail is literally a walk in the park, as it gently winds upwards through the valley without any dramatic inclines. Taking you roughly 45 minutes to an hour, you will pass several spots to take amazing photos, many food and souvenir shops, an insect museum, temple and more. There are also other hiking trails branching off allowing you a more rustic experience. You might also happen to spot wild monkeys or deer if you’re lucky!


If you need more reasons to visit Minoh, then here they are…


#1 – Summer

Summer in Japan is humid as hell, and there is no better way to escape the heat and the hustle and bustle of the city than to head to Minoh. On a sunny day, you will barely feel the searing sun overhead, as the trees pretty much shade the whole walking trail (the Takimichi trail). When you get to the 33 meter falls, on a sunny day you can snap an array of waterfalls refracted through the curtain-like waterfall.

Minoh Waterfall, Japan, SummerMinoh Waterfall, Japan, Summer

#2 – Autumn

With Autumn comes change, and one of the best places in Kansai to see mesmerizing autumn colours is Minoh. As opposed to fall foliage at many temples and shrines, Minoh allows you to experience a natural environment enveloped in shades of red, orange and yellow that is remarkably relaxing. Side note, the autumn colours are best viewed in the second half of November.

Minoh Waterfall, Japan, AutumnMinoh Waterfall, Japan, Autumn

You can’t visit Minoh without trying its famous delicacy – Momiji Tempura (Maple Leaf Tempura); maple leaves fried in a sweet batter. With consistency of a cookie it’s a delightful snack to enjoy as you stroll onwards surrounded by trees.

Minoh Waterfall, Japan, Autumn


#3 – Winter

Winter may be cold, but it’s also a season that resembles purity that can transform any scene into a winter wonderland. Blanketed by snow Minoh becomes an ethereal place, less frequented by locals and tourists, eerily silent yet completely captivating. There’s also a hot spring foot bath (Momiji) near the train station that only costs ¥150 which is sure to warm you on a winters day (don’t worry they give you a towel to dry your feet).

Minoh Waterfall, Japan, WinterMinoh Waterfall, Japan, WinterMinoh Waterfall, Japan, Winter


#4 – Spring

The Takimichi trail in Minoh runs alongside, and at some parts, over the stream that takes you to the waterfall. Spring brings new life to Minoh with budding leaves and cherry blossoms infusing the park with a subtle sweet scent. Spring is the best season to get lost amongst the nature and a good time to go hiking by getting lost amongst the cherry, maple and Japanese cedar trees. From the waterfall there is a 4km hiking trail that will take you to Katsuoji Temple which is said to increase your luck or help your wishes come true. Why not?!

Minoh Waterfall, Japan, SpringMinoh Waterfall, Japan, Spring

#5 – Festivals

Minoh Watefall is a common host to many a festival with one of the best being in July. From late July to the end of August during summer, Minoh waterfall is illuminated from sunset to 10pm transforming the already majestic falls. On one particular night during the festival, ‘Minoh Candle Road’ lights up the night from 7-9pm. Over 6,000 softly flickering candles illuminate the walking trail and waterfall making you feel like you have stepped into a Disney movie.

Minoh Waterfall, Japan, Candle Festival

If these 5 reasons can’t convince you to visit Minoh Waterfall, then I’m not sure what else will. If you know another killer waterfall, pretty park or lush location to visit let me know and get in touch!


Where to go: A quick Google search or GPS’ing Mino Waterfall will demonstrate how easy it is to visit this beautiful park. By public transport, it’s a short walk from Hankyu Minoo Station. The train ride from Umeda will take roughly 25 minutes and cost ¥270.

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