Insta Faves of January – Male Travel Bloggers

New year, new travel goals! And here’s some inspo to help you!


Yes when you think of travel blogging many people think of women, but there are so many crazy talented male travel bloggers killing out there who have the most enviable Instagram accounts! So for January I decided to share a little man-love, so am sharing with you a few of my favourite male travel bloggers (I have a long list but here’s just a few). Anyways, lets kick it off!


For Awe Inspiring Aerial Views… Yantastic

Peter Yan is one incredible photographer and when you combine his unique colour palette and his individual aesthetic, you get one picture perfect IG account that gives you serious feels! This is one of my go-to accounts for instal-inspiration!

Fantastic Instagram

For Wonderous Western Australia… Salty Wings

Beaches for days! That’s the easiest way to describe Salty Wings. The dynamic duo behind this Instagram account and photography studio spend their time capturing the coastlines of Western Australia and beyond.

Salty Wings Instagram

For candy colour overload…. Matt Crump

Describing himself as 50% unicorn, 100% man, Matt Crump is the king of colour, and the go-to guy behind the hashtag #CandyMinimal. With a passion for capturing moments and highlighting them through a palette of cotton candy colours, this is one sweet instal-feed that will become a staple for inspiration!

Matt Crump Instagram

For beaches, beautiful scenery and the occasional buff bod… Gab Scanu

A photographer and director by trade, Gab certainly knows how to give you serious wanderlust by capturing the most incredible shots with a cool colour palette.

Gabscanu Instagram

To get in touch with nature… erubes1

Championing autumn colours and Californian coastlines, Eric Rubens is a Californian-based, world-jetsetter who is also a natural at capturing luxe landscapes as well as sharing some serious cloud porn!

erubes1 Instagram


Know a good Instagram account for travel inspiration? Leave a comment below or flick me an email!


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