Pokémon train… I CHOOSE YOU! This is one trip you NEED to ‘Pokémon Go’ on!

pokemon train

Public transport sucks. Well not in Japan. And definitely not when you can catch the cutest train ever made! For all you poke-fans out there, of course you know Japan is the home of Pokemon but did you know there are even poke-trains?! This is one experience that will make you want to ‘Pokemon Go’ and book your ticket straight to Japan!

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When you think of trains in Japan you think of overcrowded, hot bustling trains where in rush hour the train staff push and squeeze commuters onto the trains before the doors slam closed. Well not these trains! And if you’re not a Pokemon nerd at heart then you can also rest easy knowing these trains support a great cause.



First launched in 2012, these Pokemon trains are part of the Pokemon With You campaign created by The Pokemon Company which supports the disaster relief program for the earthquake and tsunami damaged Tohoku region.

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The campaign ran again in the summer of 2017 and will most likely continue in the future. The trains don’t run every day and you need to book tickets which you can do here (link), but due to the HUGE popularity I’m guessing that these trains will become more common.

The outside of the train is completely covered with images of pokemon; the Pikachu train all adorned with happy little pikachus, and the general pokemon train covered with a range other popular characters.

Inside the trains is where you’re transported to the Kanto region. Curtains, cushions, chairs, carpet – everything is pika-fied! Pokéballs of every variety can be found throughout the carriages especially on the corners of the seats.

If you’re a big kid at heart, don’t worry, there’s also a special play area where you can run and roll around or curl up and cuddle your own Pikachu.

The trains run along the Ofunato Line, traveling from Iwate Prefecture to Miyagi Prefecture. For more information visit the Official JR East Japan website.

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