The #1 place to see sunflowers in Japan!

July is sunflower season on Japan and the perfect place to go to see these beautiful blooms, is Sayo Nanko Sunflower Park in Sayo-cho (Sayo city) in Hyogo; only an hour and a half from Osaka city.

Nanko grounds in Sayo is planted with a whopping 1.5 million sunflowers in one location called Himawaribatake, also known as the ‘field of flowers’. From mid to late July the traditional Japanese landscape is transformed into a sea of vivid yellow contrasted by a beautiful backdrop of mountains.

With several varieties of sunflowers planted, you can spend a whole day exploring the fields of gold and getting lost among the 6 foot tall blossoms. You can also enjoy local delicacies such as sunflower ice cream, sunflower salad dressings and many other snacks.

Sunflower Fields in Japan

Cost: ¥200 yen entry fee to the fields

Location: Approx. 20 minutes from Sayo you’ll find these fields at 232-1, Funakoshi, Sayo-cho, Hyogo

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 8:30am – 5:15pm,  Closed Mondays.


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