Taking Stock – December 2017

A bullet journal-style recap of December, using this awesome concept from another blog (check it out here) and thought it’s a great way to keep track of my personal habits. So here’s kicking off and tracking what’s been happening before the end of the year and a new year of adventures begins!


Making: Goshuin-cho out of traditional washi paper (traditional Japanese book to collect stamps and calligraphy from temples and shrines).

Cooking: Lasagna! Missing having an oven like the huge one I had in Australia, so it took two attempts but I’ve perfected lasagna in a toaster oven :P.

Drinking: Whiskey & green tea! Thanks to two of my favourite people in Japan, I got a bottle of aged single malt whiskey, and traditional Sencha tea from Kyushu that’s unbelievable.

Reading: Still on Game of Thrones (re-read). 2500 pages down, 5000 pages to go.

Next read: Something inspirational or adventure-y. Any recommendations?

Wanting: Summer to come back.

Looking: At the hoards of busy people rushing by, wondering where they’re all off to.

Playing: Podcasts – specifically This American Life. Love great journalism!

Deciding: Where to go for my next vacation – Kanazawa or Shizuoka?

Wishing: I could have longer sleep-ins with my sweetheart.

Enjoying: Cooking new traditional Japanese recipes (whilst staying easy on the salt).

Waiting: For the new year to begin.

Liking: Katharine McPhee’s new jazz album ‘I Fall In Love Too Easily

Disliking: My new local train station that doesn’t show English on train signs.

Wondering: What my irreplaceable best friends are up to right now.

Loving: Onsen and public baths in winter – OMG what a life saver!

Loathing: Freezing Japanese winters. 😨

Pondering: What to cook to take to Japanese Christmas lunch, that I can cook with a single hotplate and toaster oven.

Considering: Streamlining and syncing all my digital $hit. Not one for all tech synched up. #ScaredOfBeingASlaveToTechnology

Buying: Christmas presents for my extended Japanese family.

Watching: My tone when I get frustrated or angry.

Next watch: Star Wars – whatever the new one is.

Hoping: To get into a better blogging habit (regularly)

Marveling: How much has happened this year.

Trawling: Through websites of Nagano, for my next winery trip in January

Cringing: How I left my apartment this morning, rode my bike 20 minutes into the city, had a coffee at café, and only realized when I went to the toilet I had toothpaste on my face. #Gold

Needing: More patience. One can never have enough.

Questioning: Why people artificial cream in Japan. Gross.

Smelling: Sencha green tea sitting next to my compuer.

Wearing: My favourite Bonds Trackies. #AlldayErryday

Following: through with my decisions.

Noticing: The more active you are, the less cold you are in winter. Too bad I love bingewatching Netflix.

Knowing: I have to cook something to use up the left over veg in the fridge. Capsicum, red onion, chinese cabbage. Hrmmm…

Thinking: About my girl Emma in New York for Christmas. Jealous.

Admiring: People who can admit when they were wrong.

Sorting: Through bags of crap from moving places.

Getting: New hooks to hang up wet towels in a shoebox apartment.

Bookmarking: Sites to read regarding optimizing blogs for speed.

Coveting: Rose gold, turquoise and aquamarine instagram aesthetics. Check out Peter Yan

Opening: Individually wrapped mini chocolates constantly. Why Japan wraps everything individually drives me nuts!

Closing: The bathroom door and leaving the ceiling fan on. #NoMouldHere

Trouble-shooting: My $hitty Ical not pulling calendar from my phone.

Resigning: I have to get up early even though I can work from home.

Embracing: TV shows that I necessarily wouldn’t watch.

Suffering: Headaches. Like 4 in the last 2 weeks. Maybe I’m having coffee withdrawals.

Giggling: At hilarious GIF’s my partner in crime sends me.

Anguishing: That it’s unlikely I’ll go snowboarding this year 😣

Feeling: Like I need a break. 4 hours in front my computer ATM

Eating: Nabe. Perfect for chilly nights.

Snacking: Delicious cakes made from the super cute older lady that works at the little Japanese cake shop down the street.

Hearing: Feedback that’s literally not helpful.

Bingeing: Walking Dead Season 5 (re-watch)

Focusing: On staying tidy – new apartment, new self-imposed rules.

Dreaming: Of a Maldives vacation. Would be nice wouldn’t it?!

Realizing: I have no money to go to the Maldives.

Pretending: I’m a fully functional human who has their life together.

Admitting: That I’ve worn these socks for 3 days, and it’s time they go in the wash.

Accepting: It’s ok to take a breather when you’ve worked hard.

Rejecting: The urge to nap.

Celebrating: Christmas overseas with my new partner!

osaka christmas

Merry Xmas!

X Marc


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