Where to go in Wakayama!

Heading to Wakayama? Make sure you visit these top 5 sights as voted by TripAdvisor!


#1 – Wakayama Castle

Wakayama castle was built in 1585, opening to the public in 1867, destroyed during World War II and rebuilt in 1958. It is a symbol of Wakayama city and was designated as a national treasure in 1935. Check it out!

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#2 – Kimiidera Temple

A major tourist attraction during cherry blossom season, Kimiidera’s proper name is Kongoho-ji – the Temple of the Vajra Jewel. Make sure you visit the three wells within the temple grounds – the well of purity, the well of healing and the well of good fortune.

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#3 – Wakayama Dentetsu

Do you know a cat that has a better job than you? Well Tama is the super-station master along the Wakayama Dentetsu’s Kishigawa Line. When you board the train you’re greeted by this furry station master, and she even has her own themed café!

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#4 – Tomogashima Island

Like exploring abandoned places, then make sure you visit Tomogashima! An abandoned military fort complete with batteries, ruins, a lighthouse and stunning scenery. It also resembles the Studio Ghibli movie ‘Castle in the Sky’

Explore the Abandoned Island of Tomogashima in Japan

#5 – Awashima Shrine

On your way to Tomogashima you can stop at the close-by Awashima Shrine which is known as the birthplace of Hinamatsuri – the Japanese Doll Festival. As a shrine to dolls and women, it’s beautiful, and free to see!

Awashima Shrine in Japan, Doll Shrine


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