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That time in… Tsuruhashi // 鶴橋 (Korea Town)

A short & sweet bullet blog of my visit to the traditional Tsuruhashi in Osaka.


Tastes of Tsuruhashi

Yummy yakiniku – Korean-styled grilled meat
Kimchi with a kick; from shrimp to cucumber, every type of kimchi possible!
Sweet bubble tea with jelly

Sights in Tsuruhashi

Traditional gates adorning the main road proclaiming it as Korea Town
A bustling marketplace with a wealth of goods for purchase
A rabbit warren of narrow alleyways and shady-looking alleyways

Feels in Tsuruhashi

Wood carved Korean dolls
Soft, brightly coloured hanbok (kimono) and Korean fabric
The gentle rocking forward, as coughing old men bump you as they shuffle by

Smells of Tsuruhashi

Savoury scents of Korean-style pancakes, rice cakes and delicious Korean fried chicken
Raw fish and seafood sitting out in the open
An amalgamation of mouthwatering smells from charcoal grilling to sweet and sour pickling

Sounds of Tsuruhashi

Shopkeepers calling out in perfect Kansai-ben
Old women haggling loudly
A merging fusion of various K-Pop songs blaring from each shoebox sized store


Tsuruhashi is a favourite place of mine to step out of Osaka and into Korea for fantastic foreign flavours and extraordinary yakinuku! Check it out!

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